Full-Service for PR and Marketing

"I had the pleasure of working with Christine Vogl-Kordick on PR and marketing for Ethypharm. Christine Vogl-Kordick offered a full-service PR and marketing that not only met but exceeded my expectations. Her great perseverance and dedication set her apart and she demonstrated a deep understanding of our company's needs and goals. Christine Vogl-Kordick did an excellent job in every phase of our cooperation. I can highly recommend the cooperation."
Barbara Lindberg
Medical Marketing Director, Ethypharm

Press and public relations - Absolutely recommendable

"The Chris Cross Relations team advises and supports us in the area of press and public relations - and always with creative, customer-oriented and target market-specific ideas. The results speak for themselves. We can always rely on Mrs. Vogl-Kordick and her team and know that we are in good hands, for example on the topics of press releases, reference reports, professional articles or social media. Absolutely recommendable. "
U. S.
Formerly MTI

Chris Cross Relations exceed expectations

"At Bentley Systems, we work together with Christine Vogl-Kordick and Chris Cross Relations as a reliable and trusted partner over extended period of time. We most appreciate the depth of experience with the local industry press and the availability and dedication with which all projects and assignments are taken and completed. Chris Cross Relations are very dedicated to high quality work, exceed expectations, communicate well and go beyond the usual support, we can highly recommend their level of service. Having somebody like Chris Cross Relations on our extended team has made a world of difference to us."
Michaela Romero Lauro
Senior Manager, Media Relations Bentley Systems

High level of commitment and dedication on retainer basis

“Christine Vogl-Kordick has been supporting us successfully with Chris Cross Relations in the PR area for eight years. We are extremely satisfied with the high level of commitment and dedication with which she is advancing our company. She has always achieved the agreed objectives and she has gone even beyond those. At trade fairs and events, we can count on her great support, both in organizing interviews and in communicating with the press beforehand and afterwards. We are very grateful to her and we are looking forward to continuing our good cooperation."
Nadine Burkart
Senior Regional Engagement Specialist for DACH Bentley Systems

Outreach effort with link-building pitching and placing of written material

"Many thanks, Christine. I appreciate your diligent support of our team and this outreach effort with link-building pitching and placing of written material and suitable content (in English for translation into German). The outreach part of the task requires specialist expertise in local language with local market knowledge which you and Chris Cross Relations have successfully delivered on a 4-months project basis. I look forward to being in touch again as soon as we are able to re-activate this project after Corona."
Skye Sanders
Group Marketing & Communications Manager, Selecta TMP

Successful PR on a retainer basis

"Christine Vogl-Kordick's commitment is very impressive. She is a smart and savvy high-achieving PR professional. This is evident in the extensive coverage she brings to Bentley."
Christine Byrne
Senior Media Manager, Bentley Systems

PR support

"Chris Cross Relations has been providing us with extremely satisfactory PR support since 2014. Thanks to the high level of commitment, coupled with competence, dedication and flexibility, Christine Vogl-Kordick has helped us to significantly increase the level of awareness of an MTI. We are very grateful for this and look forward to continued good and successful cooperation."
Corinna Tripp
Formerly Marketing Manager, MTI Technology

Business & Personal Coaching with heart and mind

"Whoever has a head full, whose time allotment is empty and who can no longer see the forest for the trees, is excellently advised to contact Christine Vogl-Kordick for coaching! She accompanies with heart and mind, helps to work out clarifications and priorities, and does so with high competence in business as well as in personal coaching. Extremely valuable are her many years of wide-ranging experience, her high communication skills and her contacts in the PR field. Be it the analysis of the status quo, a profile clarification, the development of a marketing plan or a marketing action list, target group definition, editing of texts, accompaniment during successive implementation or concrete support in marketing and establishing contacts - Mrs. Vogl-Kordick confidently offers ideas, tools, clarification of goals and careful documentation for reality checks. She is an excellent highly professional companion with understanding objectivity and warm-hearted perspicacity - the ideal combination with whom one feels in good hands in both human and business matters. Anyone who chooses her is to be congratulated!"
Gertrud Plagge
Pedagogue, psychological counselling, coaching, hypnosis, seminars

Press contact for trade fair PR project

"Christine Vogl-Kordick came on board at very short notice for a trade fair project for a US customer. Among other things, she invited the target press to the booth and to a product demo, as well as setting up interviews and providing on-site support. As always, we were very pleased with the professional work."
Birgit Heinold
Managing Consultant, formerly Text 100, today Archetype

Cooperation with the press - feedback from a business journalist

"A quick response to inquiries, competent answers in understandable German, and reliable referrals to contacts in companies and organizations: Three services that every journalist is happy about. Especially since they occur in bundled form with Christine Vogl-Kordick and thus always lead to a good result, even with short-term projects. Particularly gratifying is her willingness to think along with her, which always leads to input from beyond her own nose."
Ulrich Pfaffenberger
Freelance business journalist

PR support on a retainer basis

"Since the Achema trade fair in 2012, Chris Cross Relations has been providing us with very targeted and efficient PR support. We particularly like the professional advice on PR activities at trade fairs and other events as well as the ongoing support in the successful placement of PR texts. We are pleased about the many years of very good cooperation with Chris Cross Relations."
Renate Heilemann
Regional Marketing Manager DACH & Nordics Bentley Systems

In a team with an advertising specialist

"Christine Vogl-Kordick from Chris Cross Relations has supported me (in a team with an advertising specialist) very competently, empathically and creatively in the preparation of a quality day for the second year in a row as part of a workshop with a focus on brainstorming. The coaching in the run-up to the event certainly made a very significant contribution to the event being a complete success for the second time. Many thanks to Christine Vogl-Kordick for the professional support."
Dr. H. K.
Quality representative at a clinic

Press contact for a book

"Christine Vogl-Kordick, clear in her material, heartily professional in her presence, and with a sure footing, was able to sustainably draw people's attention to my book 'Forty Days in Armenia. In an Ancient Land in the Caucasus', DuMont, Fall 2015. It will be seen. And I thank you very much for this crucial accompaniment."
Constanze John


"In my search for a location for a team event, Christine Vogl-Kordick from Chris Cross Relations very purposefully and quickly put me in touch with a selection of suitable suppliers perfectly tailored to our requirements profile. Chris Cross Relations definitely delivers what the name stands for: competent advice, excellent service and reliable implementation of the order. The event was very successful."
Dr. K.-P.

PR launch in Austria and Switzerland

"One of our clients launched their product in Austria and Switzerland. Therefore, we were looking for a professional PR partner in the DACH region and we found Chris Cross Relations. Christine Vogl-Kordick coordinated the work very well and we were able to communicate quickly and effectively."
Simone van Hoof
PR Advisor, hetprbureau

Business & Personal Coaching

"I am particularly motivated - even in retrospect - by the image of the 'treasure hunt': somewhere out there, a treasure or company is waiting to be discovered by me. This is how Christine Vogl-Kordick triggered the play instinct in me. I finally pick up the phone and approach potential new customers, because one or the other wants to be conquered. Christine Vogl-Kordick's diplomatically polished conversation guide is a great help in creating a pleasant and unobtrusive conversation situation not only for me but also for my 'counterpart'. I achieved my goal of winning first contacts for appointments at a trade fair thanks to the excellent coaching. I can now manage the second contact on my own with the newly learned skills. Thank you very much!"
G. S.
Self-employed communication consultant

Business & Personal Coaching

"Mrs. Vogl-Kordick helped me a lot when I had difficulties with my billing model / my own pricing and invoicing modalities at the beginning of my self-employment. I was unsure and somewhat at a loss as to how to charge for my "soft consulting services in hard Euros": How much time do I have to invest in new clients for free?, When does my free consulting service pay off and thus become sustainable?, When does the Euro clock start ticking?, etc. All these were questions to which I could not find the right answers on my own. With Mrs. Vogl-Kordick's help, we worked through my concerns in several coaching sessions. This process with a professional sparring partner at eye level helped me a lot to get clarity for myself. Many thanks to Mrs. Vogl-Kordick. I felt understood and competently accompanied from the very beginning."
J. L.
Self-employed entrepreneur

Business & Personal Coaching

"My concern was to solve a conflict situation with an employee and my goal to put the cooperation and especially the communication with this employee on a reasonable basis. With the support of Mrs. Vogl-Kordick as my coach, I succeeded in taking a close look at the situation, putting myself in my employee's shoes and coming up with solution strategies. This put me at ease and put me in a positive mood, which was extremely helpful. Thank you very much for the professional guidance on the way to my solution approaches."
M. A.
Public sector employee, group leader

Business & Personal Coaching

"I was very curious about hypnocoaching. Yes, initially also quite skeptical. Everything I had heard so far about hypnosis had made me rather apprehensive. I knew it only as a show and from the stage or from television. Nevertheless, I wanted to face this experience. Also because I had had good experiences with autogenic training and meditation exercises in the past. As my coach, Mrs. Vogl-Kordick understood very well how to explain to me about hypnosis as it is used in coaching and she helped me very well to get into a trance state. I had only reached this state of complete relaxation once before in my life, and that was after long exercises. With the support of Mrs. Vogl-Kordick it was effortless. It's just a pity that the session didn't last even longer. A reason to do hypnocoaching with Mrs. Vogl-Kordick again. Thank you very much!"
R. R.
Retired airline captain

Press tour on project basis

"After the successful execution of a press tour in Munich on a project basis, which had been very well organized by Mrs. Vogl-Kordick, the client from the digital entertainment sector had decided on a permanent cooperation with us. Since then, Mrs. Vogl-Kordick has been an integral part of the account and impresses with her commitment, professional approach to both the client and the press, and her many years of PR expertise. We are pleased about the ongoing and very pleasant cooperation with Mrs. Vogl-Kordick."
Ines Bieger
Managing Consultant, Text 100

PR consulting on a project basis

"We were open to the support of PR consulting on a project basis around a trade fair and Chris Cross Relations under the direction of Mrs. Vogl-Kordick was recommended to us. Mrs. Vogl-Kordick offered us a PR program that won us over, as it was tailored to our exact needs and budget. The program included, on a project basis, the creation of a press text on our positioning at the trade fair, online PR measures and the posting of the press text on relevant free press portals, keeping in touch with the press, configuring the press kit, organizing press meetings as needed, etc. For the press meeting, which took place after the trade fair, we were very well prepared by Mrs. Vogl-Kordick. Since we are all in all completely satisfied with the advice and support provided by Mrs. Vogl-Kordick, we decided after the first trade fair project to let the cooperation continue on a budget that is appropriate for us. We are pleased with the ongoing cooperation on such a professional and pleasant basis."
Siegfried Förg
Managing Partner, GBN Systems

Acquisition of new customers

"Chris Cross Relations strengthened Websense's new customer acquisition in Germany in 2012. Among other things, Mrs. Vogl-Kordick helped us find and invite the right contacts at events. She also supported us with our top accounts by arranging on-site appointments for our sales team. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Mrs. Vogl-Kordick for her successful support."
Tracy Ryan
Regional Marketing Manager Central Europe, Websense

Coaching with hypnosis

"Mrs. Vogl-Kordick is an extremely empathetic and at the same time skillful hypnosis coach. During a family crisis, she showed me ways to master it, and what can I say: I mastered it and was finally able to let go! So I would like to thank her very much for her knowledge, patience and skill as a coach. I always carry the little farewell gift with me, on the one hand as a good luck charm and on the other hand as a kind of reminder: 'In case of a problem, talk to Mrs. Vogl-Kordick immediately!'".
Thomas Klinzner
ZeitRaum Munich

Search for consulting services in the matter of homepage

"In my search for consulting services regarding the homepage, Christine Vogl-Kordick from Chris Cross Relations very purposefully and quickly connected me with the right provider for me. Chris Cross Relations definitely delivers what the name promises."
Lisa Lermer
Heilpraktiker for Psychotherapy (HPG)

Support in the start-up phase

"Mrs. Vogl-Kordick supported us in the start-up phase to position our services and our company on the market and to make them known. As a proven expert and with an excellent network to the press and editorial offices, she succeeded in broadly spreading our concerns to different media and thus significantly increasing our level of awareness. Her support was characterized by interest, partnership, competence and the necessary persistence to position a new player on the market. For us, their structured approach was also extremely helpful. Starting with a workshop to determine goals and budgets, through placement with print and online editors, to editing our texts, this was an extremely professional collaboration marked by mutual appreciation."
Thomas Öchsner
Shareholder and Managing Director at Resultate Gesellschaft für Unternehmensentwicklung im Mittelstand

PR support around the trade fair

PR support for Bentley Systems around the Achema 2012 trade show: "Thank you, Christine, for a job very well done!"
Anne-Marie Walters
Global Marketing Director, Bentley Systems Industrial Process & Operations

Development and expansion of PR work for a business coach

"Having studied Public Relations in the USA myself decades ago, after my classical training as a Business Coach at the IHK Munich and Upper Bavaria, I was hesitant to promote my external image in my new professional environment also through public relations. The serendipity of meeting Mrs. Vogl-Kordick convinced me very quickly and sustainably how important this strand of marketing would be for raising my profile. In precise target formulations, the target groups of my work as well as their accessibility through appropriate media were focused together with Mrs. Vogl-Kordick. My client professionally drew up an action and cost plan, which she and I revised every six months and adjusted if necessary. An astonishing persistence in approaching clients opened the doors of authoritative decision-makers to my coaching business within a year. Self-authored professional texts, edited by Mrs. Vogl-Kordick, shedding light on the coach's daily work, were surprisingly quickly published in print and online media. Her contact with freelance journalists opened up undreamt-of opportunities for interviews on topics related to coaching or my entrepreneurial work as a hotelier. Even guest author contributions could be placed. At all times I am extremely satisfied with the cooperation. I am very grateful for Mrs. Vogl-Kordick's amiable yet "tough" approach. I wish that our cooperation may continue for a long time."
Georg-W. Moeller
Business-Coach (IHK), GWM-Coaching

Expansion of sales activities

"Zscaler relied on the professional support of Chris Cross Relations to expand its sales activities in the DACH region. Based on our briefing, a telephone guide for cold calling acquisition was developed and used for contact initiation with top 100 companies. The implementation rate and the very good quality of the appointments by Mrs. Vogl-Kordick absolutely convinced us. We also appreciated her coaching expertise in training and familiarizing our new sales team. The combination of sales expertise, positioning of our company and coaching of the employees was the right choice for us. Within a short time, Mrs. Vogl-Kordick was a valuable part of the team. We would like to thank her very much for her support!"
Daniel Wolf
Country Manager Zscaler DACH

Marketing Workshop

"We invited Mrs. Vogl-Kordick as a moderator to conduct a marketing workshop with us as a team. The goal of the workshop was to ideally develop a new marketing strategy for Management Akademie München as a brand and a suitable catalog of measures for implementing the activities together in two days of intensive collaboration. In the two days of cooperation, with the support of Mrs. Vogl-Kordick, we achieved much more than originally expected. With her extremely pleasant, competent and professional manner, Mrs. Vogl-Kordick managed to "tame" us as a working group and guide us exactly in the direction that we as a company and as a team had in mind for the future. In addition to strategic marketing planning, we worked on our positioning in the market and vis-à-vis the competition as well as on our unique selling propositions. Drawing on Mrs. Vogl-Kordick's many years of PR experience, we have formulated the messages with which we want to go out. Gradually, a marketing concept has emerged that is both solid and well-founded. In addition to planning and implementation, it also covers performance measurement. In her follow-up work, Mrs. Vogl-Kordick, as a transfer coach, showed how fruitfully workshop content can be put to use. Helpful for us were also her references to J. C. Levinson`s Guerilla Marketing Method. Due to the very good experience we have included Mrs. Vogl-Kordick in our coach pool. We are happy to recommend Mrs. Vogl-Kordick as a facilitator and business coach as well as her approach of resource and solution oriented consulting."
Ulrich Rohde
Managing Director, Management Academy Munich

Press tour

"Mrs. Vogl-Kordick supported us to our complete satisfaction in the context of a press tour for our client from the digital entertainment sector. She understood how to plan and implement the project extremely professionally from the first briefing to the organization of the interviews (in Munich and Berlin) to the final report and debrief with the client in a very goal-oriented and smooth manner. The feedback from the client is extremely positive and appreciative, both in terms of the organization and the quality of the press interviews. It is an enrichment to have Mrs. Vogl-Kordick on the team."
Nicole Kochems
Senior Editor, Text 100

Feedback from a client in business coaching

"After I had worked successfully for years as a self-employed person with personal responsibility, a structural change resulted in me being bound by directives for the same work as an employee, which seemed questionable to me, my income was reduced and I was controlled from the outside, which offended me - a bad start to continue working constructively under the new conditions on the former basis of trust. In three coaching sessions within a month, Mrs. Vogl-Kordick helped me to overcome the anger about questions of justice, to reflect and to face the new reality. I had to face this reality if I wanted to continue my work and react to criticism and demands of the employer in a way that was useful to me. During her coaching, Mrs Vogl-Kordick struck me as trustworthy and understanding, but unflinching. She always threw me back on myself by asking me whether I myself thought my respective ideas were helpful and could live well with them. This is how she managed to lead me out of the impasse of confrontational thinking."
K. P. F.

Placement of editorial contributions

"Not only the column series on business coaching started by Mrs. Vogl-Kordick on, but also the editorial contributions placed by her in the hotel trade press on the same topic deserve great praise and recognition. Their always harmonious, inspiring cooperation, creativity in all things PR advice and implementation and persistence in placing editorial products in the world of editors make a lasting impression on me. Many thanks for the great work. I am very happy about the joint work in press and public relations."
Georg-W. Moeller
Business coach (IHK) and owner of Domicil-Hotel Munich-West

Support in the PR field

"Chris Cross Relations has supported us in the PR area over the last four years. We were particularly impressed by Chris Cross Relations' high level of commitment and extreme flexibility. We would like to thank Mrs. Vogl-Kordick for her always professional commitment and wish her a continued successful future."
Shulangani Buchholz
Marketing Manager EMEA, iET Solutions

PR Services

"Since autumn last year, I have now been using the PR consulting and services of Mrs. Vogl-Kordick and Chris Cross Relations for my ALG group of companies. As an experienced and media-tested manager and company founder, I feel very well looked after through Mrs. Vogl-Kordick's PR services. It was especially important to me to approach the PR topic strategically and to successively build up my brand. Therefore, I had decided on a positioning and message workshop in combination with PR coaching as the starting point of the cooperation. Exactly the right decision with Mrs. Vogl-Kordick as PR coach and PR manager at my side. And I am also interested in continuously making myself, my ventures and my book better known through press and public relations work. The broad distribution of my messages online, the book PR and the contact with selected print media contribute excellently to this. Great!"
Andreas Bode
Business Angel Kreativwirtschaft, ALG Group

PR support

"Mrs. Vogl-Kordick supported us with great commitment during a critical time for our client in terms of PR. She stepped in at short notice, very quickly familiarised herself with the topic, provided prudent advice and energetic support. The goals agreed upon in advance of the project were met in full. Among other things, the very well organised press talks were professionally set up and accompanied by Mrs. Vogl-Kordick. They were reflected in relevant online and print publications. The client, according to the feedback at the end of the project, was very satisfied."
Martin Ebert
Account Director, Text 100

Consulting services trade fair presence

"We purchased the consulting services of Chris Cross Relations under the direction of Mrs. Vogl-Kordick around our trade fair appearance at Heim+Handwerk 2008. The PR project around the trade fair including the professional personal support by Mrs. Vogl-Kordick was very good. The PR project included textual work (press texts and press kit), press contact, online PR measures (posting the press text on relevant press portals), coordination with the press centre of the trade fair in the run-up to the trade fair and on-site support. The PR project went extremely smoothly and we will be very happy to call on Mrs. Vogl-Kordick's services again on the next occasion."
Wolfgang Nolte
Owner and Managing Director, Gesundheit & Technik

Positioning more stringently on the market

"About two years ago I was faced with the challenge of wanting to position myself more stringently on the market with ThielDesign. Christine Vogl-Kordick did a very good job of picking me up where I was at that time, and she accompanied me over a period of several weeks on my way to a more meaningful and coherent positioning. She understood very well how to respond to ThielDesign, our market with the relevant target groups and also to me as founder and owner. In addition to the positioning, Christine developed a focused sales campaign for me that was tailored to ThielDesign's needs, worked out success stories for existing successful customer projects and succeeded in generating a publication in Werben & Verkaufen online with a project description. Christine is always very pleasant to work with and her advice is empathetic and professional. I am very happy to recommend Christine."
Ulrike Thiel
Managing Director and Creative Director, ThielDesign


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